Welcome to London Procurement Partners

London Procurement Partners are a consultancy that provides organisations with competitive options to help you achieve optimal business goals. We, together with our member suppliers, offer the most competitive  prices and best value bids for your organisation, and ensure speed of delivery and roll outs are kept to timescales.

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At London Procurement partners we will open doors and opportunities to partake in closed/open bids from our exclusive client list.
We have the industry connections to make the whole process streamlined and easier for your staff from communicating with the right people who are able to make decisions to supporting and guiding your staff to ensure you get the best chance of launching your services and equipment.

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about us

London Procurement Partners are a multi-disciplinary group of professionals with a background in Energy, Commercial law, Manpower and Supply chain...

Our Vision

At London Procurement Partners, we believe in facilitating the best value opportunities...